Mużika Mużika – Day 2 – 19-03-2021

Breakdown of episode 2 of Mużika Mużika Maltese Song Festival we now know the 12 competing songs in the finale.

Muzika Muzika Malta Song Festival

Mużika Mużika Maltese Song Festival Continues

This is the second day of this year’s ‘Mużika Mużika’ Maltese song festival.

EPISODE 2 – ANother Great Opening

The evening opens up with the previous winner of the last festival, which was held on a smaller scale in 2013, Olivia Lewis. We also learn that Olivia is expecting a baby and we wish her the best of luck and good wishes.

Olivia Lewis Muzika Muzika
Olivia Lewis

What is great about this festival is that all the music is live, including the orchestra. Conducting the orchestra is Aurelio Belli and Ryan Paul Ablea. Presenting last night’s show was charismatic Keith Demicoli this time accompanied by the lovely Lara Azzopardi.

Keith Demicoli & Lara Azzopardi Muzika Muzika


During last night’s show, the audience was treated to spectacular performances by the participants singing together with a list of stellar  Maltese singers. Many of these legendary local singers included those who also got to represent Malta during past editions of the Eurovision Song Contest. These are the songs of last night’s Muzika Muzika show in order of appearance.

‘Separju’ | Renato Micallef with JAnvil and Jade VellaRenato Micallef Muzika Muzika
‘Fejn Thobb il-Qalb’ | Mike Spiteri with Christian ArdingMike Spiteri Muzika Muzika
‘Kif Se Ntir’ | Debbie Scerri with Danica MuscatDebbie Scerri Muzika Muzika
‘Il-Kugin Gilja’ | Joseph George with Philip Vella
Joseph George Muzika Muzika
‘Iz-Zmien Ghaddej’ | Greenfields with Bernie & Pod
Greenfields Muzika Muzika
‘Min Jaf Ghaliex’ | Catherine Vigar with Ryan Grech
Catherine Vigar Muzika Muzika
‘Thallihomx’ | Mark Tonna with Fabrizio Finaello
Mark Tonna Muzika Muzika
‘Il-Kant Marbut B’Tifkira’ | Mary Rose Mallia & Christina Magrin
Mary Rose Mallia Muzika Muzika
‘Kliem’ | Paul Giodimaina with Glen Vella
Paul Gordimaina Muzika Muzka
‘Kuluri’ | Phylisienne Brincat with Charisse Ann Vassallo
Phylisienne Brincat Muzika Muzika
‘Dejjem Ghal Xulxin’ | Joe Cutajar with Michela Galea
Joe Cutajar Muzika Muzika
‘Bhal daz-Zmien Konna Flimkien’ | Luisana Bartolo with Avenue Sky
Luisana Bartolo Muzika Muzika
‘Hamiema Bajda’ | Pamela Bezzina with Miguel Bonello
Pamela Bezzina Muzika Muzika
‘Rajt ma Rajtx` | Tony Camilleri with Kantera
Tony Camilleri Muzika Muzika
‘Fomm il-Vjolin’ | Giogina with Janice Mangion featuring George Puse`
Giorgina Muzika Muzika
‘Issa’ | William Mangion with MJAW
William Mangion Muzika Muzika
‘Ghajna Lil Ibni’ | Godwin Lucas with Mark Spiteri Lucas
Godwin Lucas Muzika Muzika
‘L-Imhabba’ | Helen Micallef with AIDAN
Helen Micallef Muzika Muzika
‘Xemx’ | Spiro Sillato with Raquel
Sprio Sillato Muzika Muzika
‘Tfajjel Ckejken’ | Mary Spiteri with Franklin Calleja
Mary Spiteri Muzika Muzika
The 12 Finalist Songs

This is the moment that all the singers were waiting for, to know if they made it through the finals in tonight’s (Saturday ) show. From the votes taken by the public (25%) and the panel of judges (75%) during Friday’s show, these are the results and the 12 songs passing through to the next stage (in no particular order):

  • ‘Vizzju’ | Raquel
  • ‘Tezor’ | Janice Mangion feat George Curmi Puse`
  • ‘Ghajjet Inhobb’ | Christian Arding
  • ‘Nahseb Fik’ | AIDAN
  • ‘Fjamma’ | Fabrizio Fianello
  • ‘Kompli T’Bissem’ | Avenue Sky
  • ‘Warajk’ | Franklin Calleja
  • ‘Harsa Biss’ | Glenn Vella
  • ‘Simfonija Hiemda’ | Miguel Bonello
  • ‘Ghaziz’ | Danika Muscat
  • ‘Hudni Lura’ | Bernie & Pod
  • ‘L-Ewwel Jien’ | Kantera

Final Show This Evening On TVM

So the above are the finalists for this evening’s upcoming show. Apart from looking forward to watching the last and final show for this edition of Muzika Muzika Festival we are eager to learn who’s going to win. We are sure you too are curious. Please tell us below.

We want to thank Festivals Malta for this great production while congratulating TVM on such a quality broadcast.

You can watch yesterday evening’s live show here: LIVE:- Festival Mużika Mużika

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