Mużika Mużika 2021 – The Finals

The finals of the Maltese Song Festival,  Mużika Mużika 2021. It was a wonderful production overall. Congratulations to the winner Glen Vella and well done to all the participants.

Geln Vella wins Malta Song Festival 2021

Last night we watched the finals of the Maltese Song Festival,  Mużika Mużika 2021 and we start off by congratulating the winner of this edition. We also congratulate all the participants taking part. All the performances were of a great standard and the songs are all of top quality. But there has to be a winner and that was decided last night by the judges.

Resident presenter Kieth Democoli this time is accompanied by Sarah Lee Zammit to help him present the evening’s show.

Sarah Lee Zammit Muzika Muzika 2021
Sarah Lee Zammit

The Twelve Songs In The Finals

The twelve songs each get to give another performance in yesterday’s show. In the meantime voting by SMS is open to the public. As in the initial show, the audience’s vote will count with the judges’ panel’s vote. The audience’s vote counts up 25% of the total votes. We will get to know the panel of judges in this show later on.

Here are the songs in order of how they appeared in last night’s show.

  • ‘Tezor’ | Janice Mangion feat George Curmi Puse`
  • ‘Kompli T’Bissem’ | Avenue Sky
  • ‘Vizzju’ | Raquel
    (continued below…)

The other two presenters, Claire Aguis Ordway and Lara Azzporadi joined Keith and Sarah Lee after the first three songs. It is good to see them all together.

Presenters Muzika Muzika 2021 Malta Song Festival

  • ‘Ghajjet Inhobb’ | Christian Arding
  • ‘Nahseb Fik’ | AIDAN
  • ‘Warajk’ | Franklin Calleja
    (continued below…)

During the show, the audience is kept up to date with what is going on backstage through live links with Tyrn Mamo Cefai and Gianni Zammit.

Taryn Mamo Cefai Muzika Muzika 2021
Taryn Mamo Cefai Muzika Muzika 2021
  • ‘L-Ewwel Jien’ | Kantera
  • ‘Ghaziz’ | Danika Muscat
  • ‘Simfonija Hiemda’ | Miguel Bonello
  • ‘Hudni Lura’ | Bernie & Pod
  • ‘Harsa Biss’ | Glenn Vella
  • ‘Fjamma’ | Fabrizio Fianello


We get a nice surprise visit from Ali Bubaker (Gianni Zammit) who shocks Keith with his funny discussion but provides comic relief to the current situation.

Ali Bubaker
Gianni Zammit as Ali BuBaker
The Jury Forming The Judges’ Panel

With voting closed, the presenters could finally reveal who the panel of judges are. These are the members of the jury, who form the judge’s panel and who provide 75% of the votes for Mużika Mużika 2021.

Jury Finals Muzika Muzika 2021
The Judges – Finals Mużika Mużika 2021

Dominic Galea ; Chris Muscat ; Alfred C. Sant; Olivia Lewis; Joe Buttigieg; Gia Cauchi; Anna Bonnett; Lawrence Grey ;Rachel Fabri.

See who the judges were during the first selection in Friday’s Show here.


Emma Muscat gave us three great songs during her performance.
‘L-Aħħar Bidwi F’Wied il-Għasel’ (video above), ‘Without You’  and ‘Sangrija’

The Winner Mużika Mużika Festival Kanzunnetta Maltija 2021

After a Eurovision-style voting system, we get to know the winner of this edition of the Maltese Song Festival, Mużika Mużika Festival Kanzunnetta Maltija 2021. And the winner is…

‘Ghajjet Inhobb’ sung by Glenn Vella

Glen Vella winner Muzika Muzika 2021 Festival Kanzunetta Maltija
Glen Vella winner Muzika Muzika 2021 Festival Kanzunetta Maltija

As you can see on the scoreboard below,  close behind were ‘Gahjjejt Inhobb’ sung by Christian Arding and ‘L-Ewwel Jien’ sung by Kantera. Both Harsa Biss and Ghajjejt Inhobb got 78 points, however, Harsa Biss won the festival because it got more votes from the public’s popular vote. This was stipulated in the rules and regulations of the Festival.

Malta Song Festival Finals Socreboard

We congratulate Glen Vella and wish him the best of luck. Well done to the producers, Festivals Malta, the broadcasting station TVM and all the participants, songwriters, composers, orchestra, and the presenters for a wonderful 3 days of our Maltese Talent.

You can watch the whole program here:

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