Malta’s Got Talent – Semi Finals #3 –

Malta's Got Talent Semi Finals 3 #mgt

The third and last semi finals is on tonight of Malta’s got Talent and like many people, we are looking forward to what this program will bring to the stage and on our Television sets. As usual, Gordon opens this evenings show with his costume choice! Watch the clip below before reading the rest below!

Finally we see Gordon dressed great to present and host the show! Good choice this time around Gordon!

Tonight’s Show

After briefly explaining the voting process and introducing the Judges, Gordon talks a little with judge Ray Attard. And now, the show takes off!

Yulan Law

This young singer with a powerful voice gives us a great interpretation of Sia’s ‘Chandelier’. What a fantastic and exceptional performance to open up a show. The Judges giver this prosperous eleven year old singer a well deserved standing ovation.

Claudia Santamaria

We saw this young ballet dance her way through to the semi finals with ease. This time we also get to see her sing. An excellent representation of a great French classic by a young Spanish artist.

Justin Micallef

The fire performer brings some hot stuff to the stage with a fantastic, eye catching and dangerous act. The well choreographed movements show the precision and dedication this performer brings to the stage.

Marissa Bose

We watched this pole dancer slide her way through into the semi finals with an artistically expressive act. Tonight we see that again, a precision act that depends of the strength of the body, that not only empowers the person performing but also shows that artistic edge.

Nicole Hammet

We loved Nicole in her auditions and have great hopes for this singer with a wide choice of vocal interpretations to choose from. Again she gets to show her powerful voice singing ‘Music was my first love‘ with an operatic twist.

Mike Mock

Now we are in for some mental magic. The 55 year old mind performer goes on to try and impress people with his ‘powers’ by guessing Judge Zerafa’s  thoughts and choices on a blackboard and the time on a clock.


This is Malta’s own original Rap act with original lyrics and always with a message. Tonight we get to see this rapper accompanied by a range of additional vocals and musicians.  The variety and interpretation is simply amazing and everything combined made this one great act.


This great acrobatic team bring to us some great moves to a pirate theme. With Ariel, trampoline and stage floor moves, their precision bring about one impressive, entertaining and spectacular act.

Kian Schranz

This was the only ventriloquist act on Malta’s Got Talent this season. Despite his young age, Kian has complete control over Anthony and Lola bringing a smile to viewers’ faces. We don’t know why but we love the out of tune interpretations these three give us and tonight’s choice of song, ‘Xemx’ was one to remember.

Kinetic Dance Academy

The sage is set to represent a classroom and the team are all in their school uniform. We get to see them perform some great energetic moves, well timed and synchronized.

The Results

After watching all the 10 acts and with the public voting process over these are this evening’s results of the top 4 acts making their way through.

  • Nicole Hammet
  • Kinetic Dance Academy
  • Il-Lapes
  • Yulan Law

The two acts with the least votes, are Yulan Law and Nicole Hammet. This means that each judge gets to cast a vote for the act they prefer. Nicole Hammet was Judge Sara Zerafa’s Golden Buzzer and gives her her vote. Judges Ray, Maxine and Howard go on to give their vote to Yulan Law. This means that Yulan Law goes on to join the other two finalist of this evening’s show.


Therefore the 3 finalist of this evening’s Malta’s Got Talent show are
Kinetic Dance Academy – The High Energy Dance Team
Il-Lapes  – The Original Maltese Rapper
Yulan Law – The Young Singer


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