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Finally the time many have been waiting for is with us with the first semi finals of Malta’s Got Talent. This time the show is a live transmission from the MFCC. There was no live audience present but members of the public were able to attend virtually on screens behind the judges. The show’s host Gordon Bonello, opened the show with a satirical song, mainly directed at the judges’ and their reactions during the previous auditions. Gordon’s performance was enhanced with dancers. Whilst Gordon’s hosting was great throughout the show, we are not so sure about his choice of attire!

Gordon Bonello Malta Got Talent Entertainmentmalta

Understanding The Voting Process

Out of the ten acts we get to see tonight, only three can pass on to the finals. The public can vote for the acts they prefer the most via SMS and the top four acts with the most votes have a chance to be amongst the three chosen. Two acts with the most votes automatically make it through, whereas two acts are left for the judges to decide on. If there is a tie between the four judges, then the act with the most public votes via SMS gets on to pass on to the finals. We expect this to be an entertaining show.

Southville Dancers

This dance group are the first to show what they can perform on tonight’s semifinals. Their dance routine was great, a physical message against oppression and worthy of a semi final act. We do not know how this looked in real life on stage, however we can notice that the lights were not that great looking on television. With several silhouettes and back screen flashes it was difficult to see all the moves and techniques that the dancers brought in to their act.

Geneve Dimech

This young singer/musician gave us another great rock song. Geneve went on to show us her great talent through a strong voice and a wowing performance. The song she sang was dedicated to her nan who recently passed away.

Matthias Camilleri

This pole acrobatic act was themed on the war time. During the act, Matthias showed his skills time and time again with his ability to climb and use the pole in what appears to be a smooth and easy manner. HIs drops were impressive, but there was a drop that made us think that he did not stop on time. Watch the video and tell us what you think?

Sy and Ezaya

These two young Ballroom and Latin dancers show us what they do in a very good dance performance themed to bond, surprising us with a different style dancing to ‘Fireball’. With some nice choreography and a fairly good performance despite their young age, is it enough for them to make through to the finals? We just have to wait and see.

Chris Tanti

This fine guitarist played his guitar to the tune of ‘Isn’t She Lovely’ offering viewers at home a great relaxing rendition with his melodic version of the song.  The full time musician goes on to show us the best one can do with a such a talent and deserves his place in the semi finals. But will this be enough for this fine musician to make his way to the finals?

Christian Alakkad

The 5 year old genius who made his way to the semi finals through Ray Attard’s Golden Buzzer is back on stage to impress us with his memory skills. Christian goes on to impressively and correctly guess the countries and capitals of 67 consecutive flags shown on the screen in just mins. We do not know how entertaining this act is for a general performance but we are sure that this little boy has a great future with Quiz Show Competitions once he grows a little older.


Izzy was not official an act that passed on to the semi finals. However Izzy’s act replaced ‘Yada on Heels‘ that was disqualified due to not being able to attend the semi finals because of Covid related reasons.  Izzy went on to give an energetic solo dance performance. We are wondering if judge Ray Attard was being sarcastic whit his comment “Huge Presence”.  What do you think?

Joseph Mangion

Back on stage for the semi finals the human fireworks sound machine, Joseph Mangion or as better known il-Kapxi. Dressed in shorts and a T-Shirt with Kapxi Fireworks written all over it he goes on to give us us viewers more of his ‘Xpuff, XPaff and Tik Tik Tik Tik’ sounds. He is accompanied by a traditional live Band and his act his enhanced with some visuals of Malta fireworks on the screen behind him. Apart from that il-Kapxi reveals a little more of what we expect to see on national television in such a show!

Bruce Bruce Micallef Eynaurd

This comedy act made it through the auditions with a great unique performance. However during the semi finals we feel like Bruce’s performance was less almighty and a little bit off topic at the moment. This was also noted by the judges who did not fail to mention it in their comments. While we get Bruce’s sense of humor and personally found some it quite funny at times, we do not see people in general perceiving it as an act worthy of the finals. We will know soon enough.

Ike and Kaya

The young and talented sweethearts Singer and Rapper are up on stage giving a great enjoyable performance. Tell us, how can not not love this adorable duo? This cool and sweet act may well make it to the finals.

The Results

After watching all the 10 acts and with the public voting process over these are the results of the top 4 acts making their way through.

  • Southville
  • Joseph Mangion
  • Ike and Kaya
  • Matthias

The two acts with the least votes, surprisingly, are Southville Dance and Matthias Camilleri. These means that the Judges get to cast a vote each for the act they like the most. With 3 of the Judges votes going in favor of Matthias, the pole acrobatic makes it to the finals of Malta’s Got Talent.

Therefore the 3 finalist of this evening’s show are
Joseph Mangion – The Human Fireworks Sound Machine
Ike and Kaya – The Sweet Singer and the Cool Rapper
Matthias – The Acrobatic Pole Dancer

Finalists Malta's Got Talent - Entertainment Malta Entertainmentmalta


It was surprisingly shocking to see some of the more deserving acts to be outed by the Human Fireworks Sound Machine but the votes are in the public’s hands this time. We await further surprises next week when three of the semi finalist acts are Golden Buzzer receivers!


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