Malta’s Top Songs in the Eurovision Song Contest

Check out these Divas who represented Malta with their songs for the Eurovision Song Contest placing themselves in the top three spots. #entertainmentmalta #eurovisionsongcontest #eurovision

Malta Eurovision MAry Spiteri

Since 1971, there have been four songs from Malta almost making it into the top position at the Eurovision Song Contest. In 1971 Malta sent the song ‘Marija_l-Maltija’, by Joe Grech to compete in Ireland. The song is one of the only two songs representing Malta to be sung in Maltese at the Eurovision to date.  The other is the 1972 submission, ‘L-Imhabba’, by Joe Cutajar & Helen Micallef.

Joe GHrech Marija L-Maltija

However, to date, the best points achieved by Malta came about in 2005. That year the song ‘Angel’ by Chiara, earned 192 points and climbing 2nd place in the competition. Unfortunately the following year, in 2006, the song ‘I Do’  by Fabrizio Faniello, received just 1 point from the jury. This makes it the least achieving song for Malta to date.

Now this year we have Destiny representing Malta with the song ‘Je me Casse’. The song, which is already proving to be quite popular, is setting Destiny up high on the charts and many predictions of a win. But will she manage to gain the points and at least match the positions of previous high gainers? We will find out on Saturday during the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. Until then let us look at those songs that remain the best achievers for Malta so far.

Malta Eurovision Songs That Almost Made It

1992 – ‘Little Child’ sung by Mary Spiteri.

Mary Spiteri, Malta’s diva of song, competed in the 1992 Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden, with the song ‘Little Child’. It earned itself 123 points placing itself in 3rd place.

1998 – ‘The One That I Love’ sung by Chiara.

In 1998 Chiara’s song, ‘The One That I Love’ was given 165 points, earning Malta’s submission 3rd place at the 1998 Eurovision Song Contest in the United Kingdom.

2002 – ‘7th Wonder’ sung by Ira Losco.

In 2002 Malta sent, Ira Losco and her song, ‘7th Wonder’ as its submission to the Eurovision Song Contest in Estonia. The song placed 2nd place with 164 points.

2005 – ‘Angel’ sung by Chiara.

In 2005 Malta chose the song ‘Angel’ sung by Chiara as its submission into that year’s Eurovision Song Contest which was held in Ukraine. The song placed 2nd place with 192 points making it the most achieving song to represent Malta to date.

Will Destiny change Malta’s destiny with her popular song ‘Je me Casse’ and break all records this year? It will be great for Malta to have the privilege to host the Eurovision Song Contest in 2022?

What do you think?

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