Complete List Of Finalists Malta’s Got Talent 2020

After ten episodes we know who the Finalists Malta’s Got Talent 2020 are and we have sorted them out for you in this complete list.

Finalists Malta's Got Talent 2020

After ten episodes we now have all the nine Finalists Malta’s Got Talent 2020 ready to compete this Sunday during the finals. This is the complete list of the nine finalists, one of whom will make history, walking away with €25,000 as the winning act of this talent competition.

As we have done in our Semi Finalists List, we are categorizing the acts accordingly to the genre and talent. Kindly note that the lists are in alphabetical order with no ranking order.

The Nine Acts In The Finals Of Malta’s Got Talent 2020

Finalists Malta’s Got Talent 2020 Are

Kinetic Dance Academy – Dance Troupe .
Ria Gauci – The Young Solo Dancer.
The MVMT – THe Dance Troupe

Musicians / Singers
Ike and Kaya – The Cute Singer and Cool Rapper.
Joemike and Lyden – Traditional Maltese Mjakka Act.
Lapes – The Maltese Rapper.
Yulan Law – Solo Singer.

Variety Acts
Joseph Mangion – Malta Firework Sound Imitator.
Matthias Camilleri – Pole Acrobatic / Circus Act.

At A Closer Glance

So from our list we can see that we have three dance acts, four singing acts and two variety acts that will be competing for the prize in this week’s finals. From the nine acts making their way through to the finals, two were Golden Buzzer acts.

The Golden Buzzer Acts That Made It To The Finals

Joemike and Lyden – Traditional Maltese Mjakka Act.
The MVMT – Dance Troupe.

All the nine finalists acts were selected as follows from the three semi-finals:

From Semi-Finals 1:
Joseph Mangion – The Human Fireworks Sound Machine
Ike and Kaya – The Sweet Singer and the Cool Rapper
Matthias – The Acrobatic Pole Dancer

Finalists Malta's Got Talent - Entertainment Malta Entertainmentmalta

From Semi-Finals 2:
Concept of Movement – Dance Troupe
Joemike and Layden – The Maltese Makkjetti Act
Ria Gauchi – The Acrobatic Solo Dancer

Malta's Got Talent Finalists

From Semi-Finals 3:
Kinetic Dance Academy – The High Energy Dance Team
Lapes  – The Original Maltese Rapper
Yulan Law – The Young Singer


We wonder how these acts will excel their past performances for one to win that whopping €25,000 and expect some surprises. We wish them all the best of luck and look forward to seeing who’s going to go down in history becoming the first ever winner of Malta’s Got Talent.

Tell us what you think of the finalists. Would you have chosen someone else instead and if yes who and why?


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